“I sat down one day and just starting playing this song, like it was already written in my head. It was like everything I had been feeling, thinking and wishing just pieced itself together and fell out of my head. It’s one of my most vulnerable songs and for it to be as successful as it is, feels as though people are recognising and appreciating it.” 

Constantly learning and growing as a person gives us all our own stories. Stories of love, heartache, the highs and lows in life; we all have them and experience them in different ways. For Zoe, telling her stories through songwriting has always felt important. Telling her stories in this way shows listeners a progression in her life, from her album “Fairytales” to the direction of her upcoming album, featuring her song “Hurricane”.


Within 24 hours of it’s release, “Hurricane” had gone straight to number 3 on the iTunes Country charts, amongst legends John Denver and Dolly Parton. “Hurricane” gives us a snapshot into the feel of music we can expect from Zoe’s next album. With it’s pop production and country storytelling style of songwriting; this song is truly from the heart and also catchy.




Currently writing and recording more songs to accompany “Hurricane”, Zoe’s story was really just beginning following the release of her debut album “Fairytales” in September 2015. Featuring her first single “Sleep Talking” and popular tracks such as “Treading Water”, “I Love Us” and the title track of the album, “Fairytales” received excellent reviews and support from many publications and continues to receive airtime on BBC Introducing. “Treading Water” was selected as BBC Radio Cumbria’s Track Of The Week following the release of the album.

Zoe Warren began as a poet aged 8, but her experiences during her teens led her to begin song writing; telling stories of her identity development and all of the heartbreak, trouble, fun and drama that comes with it. As she matured, so did her life experiences, which led to “Fairytales”, her debut album which introduced her (mononymously as Zoe) to the world. Still learning, growing up and finding our own feet; we will always have a story to tell and that is what you can expect from Zoe’s upcoming album.




Learning, loving and appreciating, through song.

“I’m telling my own stories, exploring and finding my own style, and putting my heart into shaping it all. I’m allowing myself to tell my stories in whichever way I want to, without worrying about the reception. “Hurricane” has proven to me that just being myself and finding my own feet will be appreciated and understood… and that is amazing. To reach people and make people relate my stories with their own personal experiences is so magical. I just want to create music that matters. I can’t wait to share my new songs with you all soon and hope you love them as much as I do.”

© 2019, Zoe Warren

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