Year In Review 2017

Hey All!

As the year draws to a close, I thought I'd write a blog post reviewing my 2017; both musically and personally.

As I started out the year, I can't remember exactly what my goals for the year were, although I could probably guess they looked like this:

1. Lose weight (hmm... gained some, lost some...)

2. Save money (No.)

3. Be happier (Yes! It's been up and down working on myself, but I am finishing the year happier than when I started it)

4. Be successful in my songwriting (I'd say I've had some success this year yes! It's all a work in progress)

5. Pass my degree (Yes I did! For those who don't know, I topped up my degree this year with GSA. It involved writing a musical in the process which was pretty cool! I passed this with a 2:1)

6. Work more on my music (I'm writing all the time, but I really need more time on recording and producing)

Now that we've looked at what my goals (most likely) were, let's take a look at my most popular social media posts this year.

1. When I released "Hurricane" and made it to number 24 on the iTunes Country Charts (Facebook)

2. When I got to number 3 on the iTunes Country Charts (Facebook)

3. My live video, showing you all what I'm working on... (Facebook)

4. Pretending to be majestic in St Ives. (Instagram)

5. THAT Instagram video fail

From looking at what people like to see, it's obvious that my Instagram full of pictures and videos is the most popular, with just over 9000 followers, keeping an eye on what I'm posting on there.

This has been a year of growth for me really. There has been a lot going on and my music has developed in a way I didn't imagine. Going from my album in 2015 to releasing Hurricane and that having the success that it has had has probably been the highlight of this year.

I can't wait to show you what music I'm working on for the 2018 and I hope you'll continue to show your support just as you have done already.


1. Release more new music

2. Song write, song write, song write. Keep writing all the time!

3. Write for other artists! (YES PLEASE)

4. Meet and collaborate with more people.

5. Do what makes me happy - Music, spending time with my lovely family and chocolate of course.

Wishing you all love and happiness for 2018

Zoe xxx

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