Greedily holding onto songs...

Well, it's been a while since I released new music!

It isn't because I haven't been writing, in fact, quite the opposite. I've been writing tons! I have so many songs unreleased... and I feel it may stay that way for a while EXCEPT for my new single 'GREEDY' which I released in August. It is available to download/stream via all major digital retailers. I'm currently updating my website a bit but the links will definitely be on here and also on my social media pages.


'Greedy' went to number 18 in the Singer/Songwriter iTunes Charts the day it was released! Among brilliant songwriters like Ed Sheeran, George Ezra and Lewis Capaldi.

I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting. The truth is these days, I feel more driven towards the writing than I do the whole "artist" thing. The dream would be to have other artists record my songs. As I said before, I've been writing a lot and I have a lot of demos that are piling up but are not released. Maybe one day I will release them myself, or maybe I'll keep hold of them in the hopes that one day I could pitch them to a major artist (one can dream!). I'm not sure of the plan at the moment. But it sure is fun to release a single every so often anyway!

Lately I've been writing songs a lot in my dreams. This sounds a bit mad I know - if any other writers out there have done this and know what I mean, please message - but I've been waking up from a good kip and have had a full song written but for another artist. This was exactly how I wrote Greedy.

This is all very cheesy, but here is how the dream went...

I was in the audience of a Lady GAGA concert and I was wearing an Access All Areas badge and stood very close to the front of the stage in the audience of this outdoor arena. Lady GAGA got on the piano and began playing this ballad and singing the chorus, and the reason I was there with my very important badge, was because I had written the song for her and she had invited me to watch her perform it.

I told you it was cheesy, but that is GENUINELY how I wrote the song, I dreamt it up for Lady GAGA. But of course when she sang it, it was in a higher key. When I actually came around and wrote it in reality, I couldn't match her vocal range and made it a lower key. I loved the song so much that I thought it was worth self releasing... I just wanted other people to hear it, as it may never have been heard at all.

I did it again the other night too, I dreamt about a new Maren Morris song (turns out this is another one I've just dreamt up) so that's the next one to carry on writing now that I'm awake.

Anyway, I hope that made you laugh. It's all very random in my dream land, but I'm pretty pleased with the songwriter I am when I dream!

Don't forget to stream, download and watch the video for Greedy (links below)! AND please share it! You don't know how important it is to an unsigned and independent singer/songwriter to share their music far and wide.

Thanks all, let's not leave the catch up so long next time, K?

Zoe x 💕









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