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Hey All!

To kick off my new blog, I wanted to chat about genres, what I do/see myself as and what my goals are.

You may notice my title first (obviously) and that gives a little clue as to what I'm going to chat about, so let's start there. Yes i'm a "Singer/Songwriter", but I do take slight* issue with the title. Hear me out, I know this might sound daft but I have an opinion to express whether it is daft or not.

I am a singer. I have sang since I could babble. I sing all day, everyday, about anything and everything. I sing at the supermarket, I'll sing along to the radio in a restaurant and I'll basically just burst into random song at any given moment. In terms of profession, I am lucky that I get paid to sing at gigs, events and venues around the UK (hopefully someday this will be international... you could help me get there!)

Above all, I love singing my own songs as I'm a passionate songwriter.

Everyday I find songs spilling out of my head. I work hard to craft songs and I truly am so passionate about it. I write songs for myself to sing (singer/songwriter) but I also would absolutely love to write songs for other people for a living (songwriter). I have written songs for other people to sing previously, but this isn't a regular occurrence as much as I'd love it to be. I want to pitch songs to publishers and artists, I want to write songs that people relate to and want to sing at the top of their lungs.

This is why I feel that, although I am a singer/songwriter, I'd rather use each term in its own right.

I am a singer. I am a songwriter.

The two do come together, but I am passionate about both exclusively.

I also don't usually release my songs under the genre "Singer/Songwriter". As a genre, it refers to musicians who write, compose, and perform their own material. Which yes, I do exactly that. I often write songs as the sole songwriter and perform them. But I love producing songs (that are written for myself) in pop/country form and that is typically the genre I release my music under.

On my first album "Fairytales", the songs vary in production. "King of Hearts" and "Awakened" are very Rock/Pop. I used to think that as a singer, my genre would be rock. I grew up listening to Whitesnake and Thunder. My favourite band is Journey. I also grew up obsessed with Avril Lavigne and later Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry etc. So I envisioned that my songs would be Rock/Pop. But through creating my debut album, I really loved exploring Pop/Country with my songs "Sleep Talking", "Lipstick and Pout" and "I Love Us".

Through the process of this album, I learnt that I can write in any genre.

To summarise, sometimes I've noticed that when looking into submitting songs, you are asked if you are submitting as a "singer/songwriter" or as a "songwriter". I just don't want to pigeonhole myself as just one of these. (Singer/songwriter implying that the songs are written for me only and that I'm not interested in pitching them if the opportunity were to arise.) I do love singing my songs, but if the opportunity did arise for another artist to record them and there was a chance of the songs reaching a bigger audience, then of course I would take it.

Here are my goals:

Be an established songwriter. Maybe it's a long shot. Maybe it won't happen. But as long as I'm passionate about it, I'll keep aiming for it and dreaming of it. I want to continue writing and singing my own songs (some new songs to be released soon!), but I also want to write for other people. I want to hear other people singing my songs and turning them into a big success.

So there you have it. My feelings on being a singer/songwriter

- I am a singer. I am a songwriter.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below and share if you like it!

Zoe x

PS. Keep your eyes peeled for single release news SOON!

*Only slight! I'm not against being called it or anything, I'm not fussy I promise.

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